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Most skin tags will be removed within days of treatment Kit contains everything needed for fast skin tag removal 60 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied Specially formulated for fast & effective skin tag removal Bottle features handy pad applicator for easy application How it works…

How it works:

The normal way a skin tag reacts to the treatment is it will first start to shrink

as the blood supply is reduced. It works faster if you keep using the formula

at this stage. After further treatment the blood supply will be cut off

completely and the skin tag will drop off or if it’s a small skin tag shrink

so it’s no longer visible. For larger skin tags using the supplied plasters

for extended treatment can speed up results.

Usage instructions

1: Roughen the end of the skin tag with the supplied emery board. This is

important as it allows the formula to penetrate the skin tag.

2: Apply the DermaTag formula directly to the skin tag using the supplied

pad applicator and apply for up to ten minutes.

3: Repeat this process up to 3/4 times a day and keep doing this until the

skin tag has been removed or around two weeks treatment time is

complete. The more treatment time you can do on a daily basis the better

it will work.

4: For extended or overnight treatment we recommend using one of the

supplied plasters. Apply formula directly to the plasters pad or apply the

formula directly to the skin tag using the bottles applicator and then place

a plaster over the skin tag.